How durable is Fish Skin Leather?

How durable is Fish Skin Leather?


Fish skin leather is surprisingly durable and strong

Finished, tanned fish skin leather is a material quite similar to tanned cowhide or sheepskin. The fish skin
leather is tanned and curried as a durable and wear-resistant leather that can be used like any other
leather. Fish scales are removed in tanning. The skin pockets remaining on the skin of, for example, Baltic
and Atlantic salmon, form a recognizable pattern on the leather. Burbot skin has a very varied and beautiful
texture with very small scales, which do not completely cover the leather.

Here are some examples of used Fish Skin Leather products, most photos are from our customers.


Burbot decorated wallet, in use 1 year.



Entrepreneurs own wallet after 10 year use:



Also pike skin leather is used in wallets:



Women's purse with burbot decoration: