Belt, Burbot leather, 38 mm / 125 cm

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38 mm wide belt for men, made from vegetable tanned burbot leather. Lenght 125 cm.

The surface of the belt is made completely of vegetable-tanned burbot skin leather. Layer below burbot leather is made of cow leather.

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Burbot skin leather as material:

Burbot skin leather is smooth, has a fine pattern and it is durable material for belt surface. Burbot has the strongest and most abrasion resistant skin of the species we commonly use. The skin is characterized by a unique, highly variable pattern, which varies in different parts of the fish. On the ventral side, the skin is lighter, in the back it is darker. The darkest and softest skin is on the head and it also has the finest pattern. Burbot has the smallest scales in the head region. The size of the fish also affects the pattern of the skin. The skin surface is polished and darkened somewhat in use. As a fine detail, the lateral line of the burbot shows very nicely in the finished burbot skin leather, often emphasizing the unique look of the finished product.

We manufacture leather from the very beginning with traditional vegetable tanning. Ready-made, traditionally made leather is produced in approximately four weeks of treatment, through nearly 20 work stages. Belts are sewn in Mikkeli, Finland with the help of leather sewing artisan.

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