Puukko knifes

Puukko knifes

We have also some traditional Finnish puukko-knifes on our selection. Steaths of knifes are made from vegetable tanned fish skin leather. Mostly we use burbot, salmon and pike as steath material. Blades can be hand-made or factory made from carbon steel and rustproof steel. You can find details from product descriptions.

You can order also knifes with steath made of fish species you want. We can tan and use even fish skin you have catched! Engraving to blade is also possible for orders.

If You are making knifes yourself, remember product category Fish Skin Leather for knife sheats.

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New Puukko knife with Pike leather steath, SK20-3

Puukko knife with Pike leather steath made by Sauli Kröger. Carbon Steel blade, length 77 mm. 


159.00 *
In stock

Neck knife with red Salmon steath, SK20-4

Small puukko knife (Neck knife) with red salmon leather steath and necklace made by Sauli Kröger. Carbon steel blade, length 60 mm. 


169.00 *
In stock

New Puukko knife with red and black Salmon leather steath, SK20-9

Puukko knife with Salmon leather steath made by Sauli Kröger. Carbon Steel blade, length 93 mm. 


169.00 *
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Engraving to knife

Engraving to knife (when ordering also knife). Engraving can be done also stainless steel blades with laser.

12.00 *
In stock
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